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This is a survey to evaluate the current Mass schedule in preparation for the twin of St. John and Regina Coeli Parishes. Every parishioner high school age or older may submit a response. Please submit responses no later then Wed, April 13th. Click here!

Drive Thru Fish Fry during Fridays over Lent! $15.00 per person.

Drive Thru Fish Fry Fridays during Lent! $15.00 per person.

March 6 from 11:30 am – 1:30 pm! Come see what Regina Coeli Catholic School has to offer!

Christmas Eve Mass will be at 5:00 pm

Christmas Day Mass will be at 9:00 am

Sunday Mass will be at 9:00 am

Please join us!

Come to Mass on Dec. 18 at 4:00 pm to witness in person the dedication of Regina Coeli’s Altar and worship space! Bishop Daniel Thomas will preside over this important Mass.

Please be sure to sign up to help for at least one shift for the Regina Coeli Festival.  This is the major fundraiser of the year for both school and church and since we didn’t have one last year, your support is needed to make this year a success!  There are a variety of ways to help and it will be fun to meet other parents and members of the church and community.  Our goal this year is for every school family attending Regina Coeli should try and cover at least one shift! Thank you and see you August 13-15!
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