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Baptism is the first of the three Sacraments of Initiation in the Catholic Church. The sacrament is an “initiation” into Christ’s death and resurrection and joins us to our community of faith, the Church.  Baptism celebrates the faith that will be shared by word and example with the newly baptized infant. Baptisms can be, and are encouraged, to take place in the context of the Mass.

Infant Baptism

Regina Coeli Catholic Church congratulates you on the birth of your child!

To begin the baptism preparation process, please fill out the baptism registration form, found here.

Baptism Registration Form

If this is the first child, the next step is a parent preparation DVD viewing and study guide, which serves to begin your journey with your child. The DVD covers the meaning of the sacrament, the promises made at the baptism liturgy and how we live these out in our daily lives. Once the DVD and study guide is completed, parents are asked to meet with the deacon or pastor before scheduling a baptism. Schedules can be arranged with the parish office manager at 419-476-0922 ext. 101. If parents have attended a preparation class already for an older child, a baptism can be scheduled.

Baptism for Older Children

For the baptism of a child older than six, please contact the parish office.


For baptism, one sponsor is all that is necessary. However, tradition is to have two sponsors (godparents). One sponsor must be at least sixteen years old and have been fully initiated into the Catholic faith (received sacraments of Baptism, Eucharist and Confirmation), and be a practicing Catholic. We ask that the sponsor/s provide a signed eligibility form (below) from their parish and/or attend the baptism sessions with the parents. Sponsors assist the parents in raising the child through their journey of faith.

Sponsor – form and requirements pkg


To borrow the DVD for viewing or to arrange a baptism date, please contact the parish office at 419.476.0922 ext. 101.